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Camis N Camo

If you had told me that camo would be the new black in my wardrobe I would have laughed. Loudly. That's not my thing. I'm a farm girl. I'm a horse girl. I'm not a hunter. WAIT... I wasn't a hunter before last year. Yet here I am... all cami's n camo!

How did this happen?? All these years and I never walked a field looking for a pheasant. I wasn't out at the Peart camp at 4 am prepping for the Canadian flock. To be totally transparent, I like all living creatures-alive.

Judd always asked me to come out and watch the dogs work. "You don't have to even bring a gun. You don't have to kill anything, just come hang out in the blind." Yet I always preferred my bed. Then something happened.

We started raising a few litters of pups from his hunting dog Avery. I love the little buggers. Every single thing about those pups. I LOVE THEM! And I love the natural athleticism and beauty our American Labs show. I appreciate their work ethic and am amazed by their noses. Helping Judd train opened a whole new world of dogs to me. Next thing you know I have my own hunting dog, Spur or Spur-baby.

This girl... is... WOW! She is a machine. She never slows down. She LIVES to retrieve. And with that one dog I found myself hitting Cablea's and buying all things camo. Over the past year I have gone from a dog lover and obedience trainer to a retriever handler and hunter. I have moved from enjoying the dogs to exhibiting in AKC and HRC Hunt Tests. I have made it to the field and game farm. I walked miles and miles watching my dogs do what they do best. I've kicked up pheasants and even hit a few!! All while wearing my camo..... and a cami.


Camis n Camo celebrates women. My goal is to share my experiences, trials, tribulations, dog photos and hunting fashion must have's with other ladies who love the sport. Just because we are wearing camo doesn't mean there can't be a lacy cami underneath the green.

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