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The Latham Family
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Hillcrest Farm Labradors was founded in 2016.  It is owned and operated by Judd and Dayna Latham with their teenage daughter Bree.  Hillcrest pups are known for their ability to fit right in with your family.  They are started  right, loved and socialized.  Every pup is given the time, attention and care needed for them to become awesome family dogs that hunt.  We each have our role in ensuring the puppies and dogs are well cared for, well trained and well loved.  


  • Avid hunter and Lab lover his whole life

  • Passionate for the outdoors and conservation

  • Retired LEO - Full Time Kennel Cleaner and Trainer

  • Experienced hunter and handler

  • Everything GUN DOG

  • Builds a strong foundation of obedience 

  • Introduces a dog the right way to gunfire and birds


  • Minnesota farm girl - cattle, hogs, chickens, horses and dogs

  • Raised and trained horses and continues to ride

  • Puppy welping and puppy care is what she loves

  • Puppy bootcamp and dog obedience/socialization are her favorites

  • Crate trains, potty trains and socializes our puppies

  • Keeps the farm running, dogs healthy and Judd on schedule

  • The person on the other end of emails, texts or social media


  • Puppy whisperer

  • Her love is horses and dogs

  • The master of training:  Sit, Stay, Heel and Come

  • She is taking on more training responsibilities including training her own German Shepherd and two new training horses


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