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Avery is the dog that started it all for our kennel.  Avery came to us from Mallory Toquam at Hopes Journey as she had decided her breeding program was going to focus on Golden Retrievers.  We will never forget picking up Avery.  She jumped in the back seat and was ready for an adventure!   What an adventure it has been .  


Avery is everyone's favorite dog.  She is kind and sweet and hard working.  She LOVES everyone.  She LOVES being a mom.  Avery has been known to sneak in and take over a new moms welping box or steal a pup to nanny it.  Avery is Judd's favorite hunting dog.  She is hard driving and just doesn't quit.  She has retrieved hundreds of ducks and pheasants and has taught her offspring and many other pups the ropes.  Avery has raised her last litter and will continue to be the nanny of the farm and our spoiled girl.


 Avery also has completed her AKC Canine Good Citizen title.  She was approved as a therapy dog and has completed visits at local nursing homes.  

We have kept three dogs from Avery's past litters to continue her bloodlines.  Daisy, Reba and Remy will continue Avery's legacy.

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