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Our Puppies Are Our  Legacy


We are happy to share with you a little of our love, heart and hard work.   Raising puppies is hard work.  You fall in love with each of them.  You cry if you lose a puppy, you kick yourself and are sure you did something wrong.  You spend sleepless night and days without showering because you are caring for your new pups.  But it is all worth it when you see their families hold them for the first time.  Your heart fills with joy when someone messages you and tells you about their great dog.  We love sharing our passion for puppies with you.  We are putting our trust in you to care for them, love them and remember that you and your family are now their world.  

Puppies are a committment.  We are ALWAYS willing to take a puppy or dog back if something in your life has changed.  We do not EVER want our pups to end up unwanted, in a shelter or without loving options.   If you find yourself in this position, call us.....   no judgement.  ... just people who care.  

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